Thursday, December 3, 2015

New! Treekeeper Workshop Dec 6, 11-1 pm

Join our Treekeepers this Sunday! From 11 am our team will help needy city trees near Emmet Park. This is a triangle park along Mass Ave between 24th and S Streets, facing the Chad Embassy at 2401 Mass Ave (where RMA arranged many trees).

Look for our red wagon and white sign. For updates on the day, text Jon Gossens 802-272-0332. Best to wear dirt-friendly clothing and shoes. You may just appear. Or sign in on our Volunteer page.  We’ll have the RMA release form for new volunteers to sign upon arrival.

What's Emmet Park? Learn why it is important on our Historic Initiative page. RMA is pushing to save the big Deodar cedar and to add new shade trees there. Besides the cedrus Deodara the park has a black gum tree, Nyssa sylvatica, we planted in 2008. See their foliage below.
Foliage and branches of Deodar cedar in Emmet Park. (RMA)

Fall foliage of black gum tree we planted in Emmet Park. (RMA)

 Who are our volunteers? RMA volunteers come from different backgrounds and parts of the Metro area. They work as best fits their schedules. They do the essential work of our nonprofit organization.

Please visit the Volunteer page and tell us your skills and interests. Many of those who help are pictured as Faces of RMA on our Why Restore Mass Ave page. Our volunteer Associates and Board of Directors are pictured here on the site.

We LOVE our volunteers! See you Sunday!