Sunday, December 1, 2019

Street trees get help and reminder tags

Treekeeper Kathy digs out crabgrass that was strangling this tree.
Treekeeping Our 2019 program featured reminders and thanks to local owners who care for city-planted trees along the street.

RMA Treekeepers also pitched in - literally. Here Treekeeper Kathy Ryan pulls crabgrass from around a new elm by 2315 Mass. We asked the city UFD to plant this species because, if the tree grows well, it could shade a big bare spot. We thank the Embassy of Haiti, which is next door, for helping the new elm survive.

Tree tags We made and put up tree tags crediting local owners who care for a particular tree. See tag on tree now helped by Embassy Row Hotel at 2015 Mass.

RMA's contractor loosened the soil on 10 trees along 20 Street by the Colombia Residence and at the bus stops on Mass Ave. Then we put tags on some of those trees to warn people not to trample the soil. The final image shows that our tags credit the Urban Forestry Division for planting the tree and credits others involved in its care.      

So we strive with our friends, one tree at a time, to grow full tree rows!

RMA tag on tree on 20th Street.
New tree watered by Embassy Row Hotel, 2015 Mass.

Our tags credit UFD for planting the tree and those who care for it.