Saturday, December 17, 2011

Debate over DC tree law begins

At a lunchtime briefing on December 5, Phil Mendelson, DC Council Member-at-Large, launched public debate over how to protect and expand DC's tree canopy. Mendelson has introduced a bill that would update the 2002 Urban Forest Preservation Act (UFPA) by protecting mid-size as well as large trees, and by moving the city forestry agency to a different department.

Mark Buscaino, executive director of Casey Trees, commented on Mendelson's bill and suggested changes. The discussion that followed was lively, moderated by Chris Weiss of DC Environmental Network, which hosted the Wilson Building event. Weiss said that DCEN has not taken a position on Mendelson's bill nor Casey Trees' recommendations. DCEN hopes to get debate going in DC about how the present tree law and management of trees can be improved. A video of this informative session can be found on DCEN's web site.

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