Monday, October 15, 2018

Dupont Tree Plaza - Q & A on CAD

           Regarding our Request For Proposals to make an Engineered Design of the stormwater retrofit 'Dupont Tree Plaza' next to Dupont Circle, we got one question:

           Is there a CAD file of the site?  RMA's RFP  shows a measured plan made pro bono by Leo A Daly architects. It shows how the trees, bikes, etc could fit on the site. So, is there a CAD file too?

          Our Daly contact said they have no CAD file to share.
    "The Bidders should only be using Leo A Daly’s concept drawing for design intent purposes. Our drawing is not an engineered survey and does not include critical underground elements. It was developed for concept level only."
          Reminder: Bids are due by 4 pm on Wednesday Oct 17th. See RFP for instructions.

          Thank you, everyone!

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