Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tree Plaza: Bidder questions due 6 pm Oct 11

Anyone interested in bidding on the Engineered Design for our Tree Plaza, who has questions, should submit them by 6 pm Thursday Oct 11 to Please say "Dupont Tree Plaza Design" in the subject line.

If there are any Addenda to our Sept 25 Request For Proposals, we will post by midnight, Friday Oct 12, on the Dupont Tree Plaza page. Links to this page are our Home Page and this Blog.

Note: The Site Plan pop-up on the Tree Plaza page has dimensions.

Seven firms attended today's Site Meeting to learn more the project and site detail.
Attendance at this meeting was recommended not mandatory.  See the RFP for full schedule and instructions.

Above is RMA President Deborah Shapley with attendees at the site today. The place was bare and hot as usual. So the group moved to finish the meeting a few steps west in the cool shade of  Quercus rubra red oak trees which RMA planted in 2008.  (There and along 20th Street, canopy grew by 73% in 10 years. The story is on our Canopy Growth page.)

We'll keep working so that, soon, the hot sidewalk above will be shady and cool, based on a wonderful new design.

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